A few days ago, I heard a rumor that the upcoming network TV series, Biomutant, would be filming in London. The words were actual. And the fans everywhere are pretty OK with that. They’ve been quite happy about it. Since September 9th, 2021, Experiment 101 announced that no new episodes had been ordered for the show in their first post.

That doesn’t mean that they have officially said the project is indefinitely canceled. But since then, I have been waiting for the release date of the second season to drop. I know it’s been a while since I’ve heard anything on the project. So I was anxiously waiting for news about the Biomutant project from every possible source.

Recently, I heard from Production Weekly online about a “mystery” episode featuring a new character played by Jason Statham. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what he’s all about. Sam Rockwell previously held the role of Statham. So, this project is in the works but isn’t going to air anytime soon. We could be looking at an open-world RPG or an action film, one that takes place in London shortly.

Then I read that producer David Fincher is attached to the project, so that the project may have been moving along at a nice pace. I know there’s always a chance something can slip through the cracks, but this current crop of writers and producers is undoubtedly up to the task. I’m also excited because I’m a massive fan of video games, particularly open-world, action role-playing games. And Bio Mann is well known for creating some fantastic video games, including the Natural Disaster series.

Now, I want to see the game before it’s released since September is fast approaching. The reason I say this is because every RPG fan should get an early access copy of Biomutant. It’s widely expected that the game will be arriving in September or October, and if I have any information on the developers, I’ll pass it on. I won’t mention any names since there’s a chance they won’t be giving out specifics until the official release date. Still, I will say this: it looks like the game shapes up to be a pretty good effort, considering the quality of the game seen in concept and images.

The game will feature the previously mentioned Biomutant gameplay elements, which is a turn-based, card-based RPG. Players take on the role of a tribal leader in an open world (or “persistent world”), struggling to keep the peace among three different tribes. For one of those tribes, you will have to settle an ongoing conflict with another. For other tribes, you are hunting for their lives. When the two sides begin to battle each other, you can be a part of the action through the excellent action-advance gameplay.

What’s interesting about Biomutant is the idea that the game will be coming to Xbox One. Because the console is already powerful enough to support first-person shooter titles, it seems there could be a lot of possibility for Biomutant on Xbox One. If this is so, it would be an exciting development for the video game industry, especially seeing how XboxOne is dominating the gaming industry. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for a new RPG for XboxOne; after all, it’s been proven that many RPG gamers prefer to play the games from the first-person perspective. Maybe we can finally expect an RPG title that truly feels and looks like an RPG.

But how soon could this new RPG for XboxOne come out? Well, as you may not know, Rockstar is currently working on a new video game for the next generation of consoles, codenamed “RPG Universe: Origins.” The project is said to be four years long, and it is supposedly set in 2021. And if the concept of an “open-world RPG” is something that interests you (and me, for that matter), then I’d say we should keep our eyes peeled for the upcoming title.

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