The hype around Halo has been building ever since the first game was released to the public in October of 2021. Since then, there’s been a lot of talk about Halo 2: Anniversary, but few new games in the pipeline. So is Halo Infinite in trouble? Or can it live up to all the fanfare?

It seems that there’s one common thread running through the majority of comments about Halo: Reach and Halo Infinite. Many are simply curious about what the new gameplay is all about or how innovative delivery will be. Most of these remarks focus on how well the original games handled the networking aspects, but the question remains: are things better now? In a new Reddit thread, one anonymous developer refers to some critical comments of Halo: Reach, which may suggest that the Xbox Live Arcade beta may not live up to everyone’s expectations. Here’s what he said:

“I saw a few things in the July gameplay footage that were incredibly disappointing. One thing in particular that I didn’t like was the fact we could not switch between players. We can now, but the animation didn’t seem smooth and natural. I would love just to pick up the player and move them around the environment, but alas, that isn’t possible yet. I’ll try to post more of our upcoming updates in the coming weeks, including what is being worked on currently.”

It’s possible that this comment could mean there won’t be a release date for Halo Infinite, at least right now. Regardless, it doesn’t bode well for any future games by Microsoft, which has been doing many works to improve the games they’re releasing. This latest comment doesn’t help that reputation much, though. What’s clear is that there will be significant issues with the gameplay when Halo Infinite finally releases, regardless of whether or not the beta you saw represents everything that is included in the final game. Some gamers are worried about this, while others are looking forward to the unique features of Halo, such as the ability to jump back and forth between different maps. Regardless, it seems like we’ll have to wait a few more months to see if the beta will have a lot to do with the actual game.

Right now, the most likely scenario for Halo Infinite is that it will launch later this year, in fall 2021. For those who are unfamiliar, here’s what we know so far. The studio that developed Halo: Reach is now working on a new Halo game, codenamed Halo 5: Guardians. The new game is scheduled to release in the autumn of 2021, meaning that the Xbox series x launch title will move forward by a full year.

What’s important to note about this, though, is that Halo Infinite sounds like a lot of. While the first footage was shown at E3, the second reveal involved significant setbacks. For example, we saw Master Chief riding in a dropship at one point in the video, but upon landing, he was nowhere to be found. In the subsequent few trailers, we saw characters speaking to each other to find Master Chief, but it seemed like that was only for a few seconds. It appears that the work hasn’t been done on the campaign, which makes us wonder if the original concept for Halo Infinite is complete.

On the other hand, it could also mean that the Xbox series x launch date hasn’t leaked out yet. The leak could simply be a ploy by some interested parties to get people talking about the new game. After all, if something is as exciting as Halo Infinite, you wouldn’t want it to be quickly buried by everyone else’s equally exciting news. As such, we’ll have to wait and see what the actual fall anniversary will bring. For now, we’ve got plenty to look forward to.

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