How to make money

In the past twenty years, we have seen a complete transformation in the way people choose to earn a living. If you want to make money online, here are dozens of great ideas for getting you started.1000$-2000$

he first time I realized that you could make money online was my senior year of college.

I was scrolling through Pinterest when I came across an article on how some woman had made a full-time income working online while traveling the world. Like any free-spirited, early-20-something, that was my dream. So of course I thought, “How can I make money online so I can travel whenever and wherever I want?”

I decided to do a little digging to see if there were any others out there living the “laptop lifestyle,” working from anywhere with an internet connection and cell reception. As it turns out, thousands, if not millions, of people make money online every day.

Once I realized there are many legit ways to make money online, I decided to give it a try for myself. Since then, I’ve earned thousands per year all while working from my laptop. And it’s not as difficult to get started as you may think.

Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

Some methods of making money online pay higher rates than others, so choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle. Here are some ideas and resources to get started learning how to make money online for free.

1. Participate in market research

branded surveys is a leading market research companies that offers paid online surveys

Online surveys won’t net you a hefty income, but you can earn a few dollars here and there. Many survey sites pay in gift cards, but some, like Branded Surveys, allow you to cash out your earnings via PayPal or direct deposit. By consistently taking surveys and earning points, you’ll become a Branded Elite member and qualify for additional bonus points and rewards.

We’ve ranked dozens of paid survey sites, many of which are scams purporting to represent legitimate entities, so be careful when handing out personal information to a brand you haven’t heard much about.

2. Earn cashback and rewards online

Cashback apps and browser extensions help you save money on everything from groceries to books. You won’t earn a fortune, but if you do a good bit of online shopping, the savings can really add up.

For example, I’m able to automatically claw back an easy $10 to $20 each month with the free DollarSprout Rewards browser extension. It gets me cash back at my favorite stores like Overstock, Walgreens and Walmart, and it also scours the web for promo codes and coupons for additional savings at checkout.

dollarsprout rewards cash back notification

Once you have the browser extension installed, DollarSprout Rewards lets you know if there’s a deal available for any one of 15,000+ different retailer websites. One simple click activates the cash back offer and there’s no “catch” for using it. If your earnings balance exceeds $5 at any point during a particular month, you’ll automatically receive a cash payout to PayPal the following month.


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