Cuisine Royale is a highly addictive and popular edible game with a highly accurate loot system. Initially, April Fool’s prank from the original developer squad-based MMO shooter Enlist, Cuisine Royale, has been highly enjoyed by players since its launch on April Fool’s Day. It is a pure-play, co-op, action RPG game focused on food/beverages and the ongoing struggle to survive. If you love addictive food games, you will love Cuisine Royale.

The story of Cuisine Royale follows the life of a chef in a beautiful and prosperous restaurant. You play as one of the ambitious young chefs in the restaurant who strive to keep your food tasting great while meeting the demands of the demanding customers. Your culinary skills are improved as you take part in cooking battles and earn money to buy new ingredients and tools to prepare dishes. The goal of the game is not to cook the highest dishes but to serve the customers well. When the receptacle is done, the chef must defeat the monster that entered the kitchen to complete the menu and save the restaurant.

A unique point of difference between Cuisine Royale and other similar titles is that the gameplay is the pure meat-market simulator. Every chef’s goal is to cook recipes using ingredients obtained by various means, including buying and selling items from the marketplace. It is essential to have some tools in your kitchen, such as the optional spatula, frying pans, and a variety of utensils to succeed in the game. The real challenge lies in surviving attacks by monster chefs and zombies alike. The game incorporates several different themes, creating an exciting storyline, and offers up some very competitive modes.

Several elements present in Cuisine Royale set it apart from similar games, such as shooters and role-playing titles. The central theme is cooking, and each ingredient used in the recipes is essential to the success of the cooking competition. You can purchase ingredients from vendors on the marketplace or purchase these ingredients through the use of cards obtained during gameplay. One of the game’s exciting features involves the use of a monster chef who goes into battle against the monsters to be served the best dishes. There are various weapons available for purchase and unique items that can be bought through coins earned throughout gameplay.

The exciting aspects of this title revolve around the actual cooking portions of the game and how you build your restaurant. The substantial menu is created using a simple point and click system where players need to make the menu from one step to the following using available ingredients. The actual combat takes place on a single platform divided into multiple rooms where players need to cook and prepare dishes to level up and compete with other restaurants. To score more points, players must build the restaurant and then oversee its use during the actual gameplay.

The actual combat is quite varied and includes both human chefs and mythical creatures who are all part of the game’s story. I liked the restaurant concept being a platform in which battles take place. Still, the actual implementation was quite buggy and often made me perform multiple actions while attempting to perform specific actions. It also had quite a bit of lag when moving to another room in the restaurant or selecting an option in the menu. As far as the storyline is concerned, it is relatively standard fare and offers a few recipes and events throughout the game that need to be engaged. It just didn’t work well, in my opinion.

Overall, Cuisine Royale is quite enjoyable. Although the lack of significant appeal compared to similar games like Zelda or Tomb Raider is a bummer, the fact that it’s free-to-play still makes it an excellent option for those interested in trying something different. It also has a solid replay value that should allow gamers to enjoy the game repeatedly if they so choose. The fact that there are so many different recipes makes this game worth checking out if you have the chance to play any of its previous incarnations on the DS or Wii platform.

If you’re looking for a new cooking game with a great story and plenty of recipes to try, you’re in luck. Cuisine Royale is currently available for both the PC and Nintendo DS. I’m expecting a significant overhaul to the PC game when it receives its next update, which should also give it a significant graphical overhaul when the game launches for the next-gen consoles in a few months.

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