Subway Surfers is a free Android application that comes pre-installed with the Samsung Galaxy S. It is part of the Subway Mobile Franchise, including Client Train, My Q Network, and the famous Fast Food Fever app. Subway Surfers is a new take on the popular Subway restaurant theme and offers users a new storyline set in modern-day New York. Users are tasked to perform tasks to earn money and purchase food items. Playing Subway Surfers is simple and will allow users to enjoy fun, addictive gameplay while making money and leveling up their playing profile.

The main storyline of Subway Surfers revolves around the storyline of a young man seeking fulfillment of personal dreams and aspirations. Along the way, he gets into trouble as he has to overcome challenges to complete his mission. As one of the newest Subway Surfers, the game’s main objective is to buy different sandwiches from different vendors and earn money for doing so. You can either purchase individual sandwiches or purchase food carts. The latter is more lucrative since you can stock up on food quickly. As one of the hottest apps on the Android Market, the ios app has surpassed all of the other Subway Surfers apps.

In contrast to other Subway Surfers games, the in-game interactions between the players are well designed. The user interface is straightforward and is easy to navigate. The controls are responsive and are smooth and fluid. With a large variety of gameplay scenarios, ios game provides for a great deal of unique content.

The Subway Surfers app features eight levels of exciting and high octane action, including ‘Mind-Blowing,’ ‘Brains & Guts,’ and ‘Come On,’ each featuring a different subway rider. Each rider is differently designed by the game’s creators such that you get the feel of the respective game’s theme. For example, one is Latino while another is a Chinese man. The eight original subway surfers are Shawn, Dave, Marlo, Chung, zie, Diego, and Paulo.

Although several hoverboards are available to be bought in the in-app, it is only the futuristic hoverboards featured in this game. As per the in-game purchase option description, you get access to the hoverboards ‘Mind Blowing’, ‘Brains & Guts,’ and ‘Come On.’ The in-built menu system allows you to select each of these five games for downloading to your device. The hoverboards used in the match have an excellent design and look similar to that of the original hoverboards found in the movies such as Back to the Future II and Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The in-built language is clear and audible, but if you wish to have an interactive interface, you may use the Hindi iOS Localizer application on your iPhone or iPad. This application can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. The iOS Localizer supports the iPhone and iPad and provides a neat user experience that enables you to translate the Hindi lyrics of the subway surfers into English very quickly. This feature further helps in understanding the story of the game better. The in-built dictionary provided with the iOS 4.3 also enables you to search the lyrics of the songs. The Hindi version of Subway Surfers has all the basic features, which include:

The developers of Subway Surfers, David Phelan and Niklas Zentoft have now released the ‘Twitter Translate’ version of the iPhone and iPad game, which adds to its popularity. This version provides a friendly and easy way to communicate with the Subway Surfers from any part of the world. The ‘Twitter Translate’ function adds new translations of the words in the game by using Twitter’s Twits module. This module provides the English translation of the tweets sent by the user. The latest addition to the pack adds another dimension to the game, as the game can now be played between two players via Bluetooth.

The latest addition is the ‘French’ version of the game, which adds another dimension to the game. The French version is quite similar to the English version and offers an excellent interface, which uses the popular Twitter platform for its interface. The French version of Subway Surfers enables the user to tweet and retweet the tweets posted by the player. Following any particular tweet will send a reply to the tweeter, adding a personal touch to the game. The social media integration of the game makes it even more exciting and exciting for the users. With the new ‘Settings’ option in the the’Macron’ app on the iPad, this integration becomes much more manageable.

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