The goal of the Helix Jumping s game is to get to the very bottom of every level in the game as fast as possible. The fastest way to do this is to drop the bouncing ball through all the small holes on the circular platforms of each level. Usually, the bounce pad that comes with this game will keep track of where the balls have landed. You, therefore, need to concentrate on dropping the balls into the holes so that you don’t lose them. It would be best to time your jumps correctly to make sure that you reach the finish line as fast as possible.

This game was not released for iOS or Android devices, nor was it meant to be. The developers made it a point to make an excellent game that is free and features excellent controls and excellent graphics. They knew that they had quite a challenge ahead because the iPhone and Android apps similar to this game were not getting outstanding. The controls of this game are not very complicated, and you can certainly learn to master them in a few minutes. In terms of the graphics, they are nothing compared to those that can be seen on most other apps, but they are certainly pretty decent.

There is one significant difference between this game and the other apps of its kind. This app only includes one level of gameplay, which is the Helix Jumping. The rest of the game is played in single-player mode. That is why Android users will probably find it more enjoyable than the one for iPhones since you have to concentrate on one objective and do not have the opportunity to return to the main menu and play with another player.

The first thing that might remind anyone of this arcade game is how the screen is divided into four parts. You will have to jump on green pipes, along with metal beams that you will need to steer your boat through. The left part is used for touching the screen, while the right is used to aim for the missiles that you will fire from your aircraft. There is a score meter at the bottom part of the screen, which shows your total scores at the end of every stage. It reminds anyone of a similar style meter used in Super Mario Galaxy or an equivalent type of meter featured in other games. If you want to continue playing, you tap the end scene to quit.

As you advance through the game, you will earn money to buy upgrades for your chopper, so you can fly further and gain more lives. There are four stages in each helix jump session, and the further you progress, the easier it becomes to clear the obstacles in time. As you move to the next level, the challenges become more challenging, but you must not lose your focus and get stuck in an impossible pattern. Otherwise, you will just be reeled back in. In addition, you must use the health bar wisely, as it helps you stay in the air longer and restores your life when you fall. It would be best to concentrate on buying all the required items before heading out to complete a course.

Unlike many of the old arcade-style games made available for mobile devices, the controls in iOS and Android are responsive. This means that you can play for long periods without getting frustrated. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any flaws at all. On the contrary, Android devices do not support the Game Center feature used in Apple devices. This can result in you having a hard time advancing through the various courses.

When playing on iOS devices, you can set up the controls so that the authorities are felt as authentic as possible. I got some peace of mind after testing the game on my iPhone. As opposed to Helix Jump, it is much easier to control the character since it has a smoother and lighter touch screen. It is also much faster to react to collisions. On the other hand, this is not true with Android devices since they are limited to just touchscreens. Thus, you would have to rely on other means of interacting with the gameplay to beat the levels and complete challenges.

The graphics and the overall performance of the gameplay are a definite plus. This is very evident by looking at the many reviews that you can find online. It is a game that uses every bit of technology to provide compelling gameplay coupled with attractive visuals. This is why you should check it out if you haven’t played it yet. It is certainly worth trying for those who want to experience what it is like to play a thrilling game that requires actual physical exertion and mental focus.

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