Is GhostWire: Tokyo canceled? That was the question asked and answered at the Game Developers Conference in Japan this year. The question was posed by Tomotaro Fuza, Creative Director of Tokyo RPG Factory. In his speech, he mentioned that GhostWire: Tokyo is still under development. The reason is unclear, though, as there’s no word on when the project would start or where it will head.

Could Tokyo be one of the final cities included in the game? The creative director of Tokyo RPG Factory mentioned that they’ve been making “many” games in the future, including GhostWire: Tokyo. So could it be possible that we’ll learn about GhostWire: Tokyo in E3 2021? Or is it simply another “phantom game”?

First, let’s look at the features of GhostWire: Tokyo. This “phantom adventure” is a first-person view with a dark theme. You’re at night, and you can only see the darkness through the objects around you. Also, you have a limited time to complete your mission, and there are several different “phantom crimes” to meet.

In the video, there’s a lot of focus on the trailer’s “shrine” sequence. This is the sequence where you’ll get the “first look” at the game’s mystery writer. You’ll have to go through the entire game (co-op) while listening to GhostWire: Tokyo’s producer talks about how the game’s story will unravel. There is also a teaser for the game’s next episode, which is supposedly set in Tokyo. The player can see some hints about a “Phantom Crimes” level in the first trailer, where the player gets to investigate ghosts and villains.

When you get to play the game, you’ll notice a new character in the background–the protagonist, Yuusuke Tozawa. From the GhostWire: Tokyo gameplay reveal trailer, it seems like Yuusuke is the type of gamer who doesn’t quickly get into fights or gunfights. However, he soon gets himself into a tricky situation. He runs into a tough battle against some ghost soldiers and ends up getting his arm badly burnt, much to his surprise.

When you start playing GhostWire: Tokyo, you’ll have three difficulty settings: Normal, Advanced, and Ultimate. The developers are aiming for a perfect gaming experience for everyone, regardless of their skills. The developer has considered the game’s realism as the number one factor for its success; thus, you’ll find lots of detailed backgrounds and battle scenes. The developers have done a great job of creating a unique, creative design for the protagonist, Yuusuke Tozawa.

The GhostWire: Tokyo gameplay reveals trailer shows off some of the cool features of the game, including its outstanding animation. When you kill a particular enemy, he drops a skull, and you can pick it up to learn more about the mysterious background of the mysterious man. There are also several exciting characters you meet along the way: there’s a Chinese warlord, an enigmatic businessman, and a few more. When the player comes across an object that interests him, he can enter into a conversation with the character. You’ll find there’s a list of things to learn and items to use. When you progress through the levels, you’ll find more challenging missions and challenges, which will give you more options and commodities.

Ghostwriter: Tokyo is due out for PS5 in spring 2021. Pre-order now and get a copy while you can. If you want more information about the game, the GhostWire forum is your best bet. With over 20 thousand threads, you can find answers to any question you might have and interact with other players about the game. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can be playing before you know it!

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