Who is the most robust Apex Legends character? Apex is a game with a great deal of skill involved, and it can be pretty challenging to figure out who the most decisive player is. This difficulty stems from how different characters work together and because there are just so many different ways to build each character. Each player can choose between different styles for their character, which allows them to adapt to each scenario much more quickly. Here are some current rankings for who is the most robust Apex Legends character so far:

Axe is the most damage dealing hero in the game by a large margin. Using hitboxes, combined with an excellent ability to trap opponents, he can quickly whittle down an opponent’s health bar while staying out of their way. Ax is a force to be reckoned with to inflict more damage with a secondary attack. Combined with the ability to instantly trap an opponent, a well-placed trap can quickly turn the tide of a battle. Combined with the ability to see where traps and hitboxes are on the screen, this allows Axe to get more kills out of one cast than any other player.

Ghul deserves a special mention here, simply because he is the absolute best counter against the most common tactics for approaching an opponent. Using his tactical ability called Tactical Advantage, Ghul can negate the usefulness of opponents’ offensive tools like traps and hitboxes. Using the tactical power called Ambush, Ghul can snare opponents out of sticky situations that would otherwise easily lead him into a devastating combo. A well-placed sticky trap or a well-placed Ambush can quickly turn the tide of a game and put the rival down for the count.

Reaper is another strong melee hero, using both a strong offensive and defensive burst. Using his assertive passive, Reaper is almost impossible to CC. The passive allows him to regenerate health during combat and deal out massive damage in just one powerful blast from his staff. If you want to keep yourself safe from being CC’d, use either his pistol or his knife. When going on the offense, use your knife to disrupt enemy formations and deal out a lot of quick damage.

No matter what role you play, Beezlebub is probably your best friend. Using her powerful sticky trap, she can snare opponents, disabling them for just long enough for your combo to deal out enormous damage. If you’re having trouble getting through some of the more aggressive creeps, you can always use her sticky trap to immobilize some of them. Beezlebub’s passive also comes in very handy, allowing her to stay alive even when outnumbered.

Last but not least is the hardest-hitting hero in the game, Axe. Axe is known for crushing opposing creeps with just a single move. He has a massive hitbox that most heroes cannot match, making him a strong support choice. However, the downside to Axe’s unique hitbox is that he takes a lot of skill to use it effectively. He is the strongest pusher in the game by far, so if you find yourself struggling with a specific element, it might be worth taking out another character for a bit.

The biggest weakness of the Apex Legends lineup is that it does not have nearly as many offensive solid characters compared to other online games. There are a few exceptions, such as Stitches, who can take down multiple opponents easily thanks to his unique hook, although his slow movement can be a nuisance. Overall, most offensive carries are weak in the game. That is why I recommend focusing on building support instead of offense for this one.

The final element in the Apex Legends DPS rotation is the fantastic ability of Valkyrie. A skilled player with reasonable map control and consistent farming will be unstoppable in this game. Even with a poor mana pool, a well-placed Phoenix ability, and a solid defense, the sheer damage output of a well-played Valkyrie can make or break a match. A DPS rotation with many ability-based items and strong characters like Stitches are all you need to dominate in this game. If you can pull it off, you will be a true DPS powerhouse.

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