When I first heard of Fortnite, I didn’t expect it to be so popular. At first, my expectations were shallow. My expectations were high and were only confirmed after a friend of mine asked me for a game. I’ve been a massive fan of Fortnite ever since I was a little kid. I thought they had the most realistic sand effect to be found on the then PC marketplace. It wasn’t until I saw how popular Fortnite has become that I realized it was something special.

As mentioned above, in late 2021, Fortnite has experienced massive financial success. Even with this success, there are always rumors doing the rounds stating that Fortnite is closing down. If you’re someone who is expecting closure, then you better have a reason. Here is my prediction for the next few years.

Fortnite 2.0 will be a huge success, just as it was when it first entered the marketplace. Again, this is primarily due to the success of the new terrain types. As with the original game, this will be the most complete and feature-rich game in the entirety of its life. In short, it will include everything that fans of the original want, plus a lot more. For example, the new story mode will be more significant and more engaging. I can also see many more cosmetic changes such as improved hair, improved facial features and facial expressions, more realistic skin, a more realistic model of weaponry, the ability to edit your body parts, more details on vehicles, etc.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be enough to stop Fortnite from closing its doors forever. For one, they are going to release another chapter 2 called ‘Moonsorrow.’ It is rumored that the main storyline will still be the same, but the gameplay will be different. Chapter 1 was all about the politics behind the game’s storyline, something that was highly acclaimed. If there is another season 2 coming out, it is only a matter of time until the original Fortnite player base gets a sequel.

So, where is the gossip coming from? There have been many speculations that the sudden Fortnite shutting down is somehow related to the emergence of 4 new threads on Twitter. These are all about to become essential topics when the game’s popularity peaks again. There have been many rumors about possible changes in the game, such as getting rid of clan tags and other cosmetic changes. I’m reasonably confident that these won’t be included in the final version, but you never know. It will be interesting to see where the hype ends up.

The recent news has caused Fortnite to change the official mobile app store. According to some reports, the app is supposed to be released on March 8th, but it will already be in the app store by August. This could be because the rumor mill started spreading about it a few weeks ago. Therefore it is hard to say whether the rumors are true or not.

In an interview with CNET, Fortnite’s chief executive Joe Moore indicated that the company is looking into better communication with its customers. It seems that the Fortnite shutting down rumor is just a way for them to accomplish this goal. The latest tweet posted by the developer says that they are “working on some new features” and that they will be ready for launch in 2021. This means that the rumor could be accurate. They are looking into ways to improve Fortnite’s user experience and increase the interaction and communication between its players and the community.

So who could have played on Fortnite if the company is going to shut it down and release a brand new game in 2021? I think many people who loved playing Fortnite would be upset about the shutdown, but it might be a good chance for them to learn new tricks and ways of playing the game. Fortnite is one of those games that has evolved since its initial release. The original game was more about the storyline and set up the battlefield, but now Fortnite has added more features that are more focused on social interaction.

I am looking forward to playing the new game that they are planning to release in 2021!

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